Warning! 8 Salon Procedures Which Can Destroy Your Beauty


Warning! 8 Salon Procedures Which Can Destroy Your Beauty

Going to a beauty salon is a sort of magical experience: after a course of procedures, the skin becomes soft, smooth, and clean. Ladies are frequenting these establishments because the effect of salon procedures shows faster in comparison with the home-made ones. But, not everyone can 100% guarantee your safety. Sometimes, people get a rash, their hair starts looking like straws, and the skin on the face peels off.

We have prepared for you a list of 8 salon procedures that can damage your beauty. Be careful!

1. Solarium

Regular visits to a solarium can cause melanoma. In addition, such exposure to UV rays leads to premature aging, the appearance of wrinkles and dark spots on the skin. If the lamps are powerful enough, you can get a burn. Consider self-tanning products as an alternative.


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2. Salon manicure

Manicure products contain many chemicals that can irritate the skin, lungs, and mucous membranes. You can easily contract an infection due to non-sterile equipment. And, if you are wearing gel nail polish, you may notice that the nails become thinner and more brittle after a while. Alternatively, take care of nails at home.

Look at Duchess Kate Middleton. She paints her nails with simple nude-beige or clear polish. And sometimes, she goes completely bare-nailed. With that, she is still considered a style icon by the British and many other people around the world.


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3. Fillers

Sometimes, women don’t calculate the dosage and instead of becoming Angelina Jolie end up with duck-bill lips. The natural beauty is gone, colleagues start whispering behind their back, boyfriend refuses to kiss. This situation is fairly common. Even the stars are not immune to beauty fails. In this situation, they require repeated injections of hyaluronidase, longidase, or lidase. They accelerate the decomposition and removal of hyaluronic acid from the body.


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4. Permanent makeup

Each person’s skin perceives the pigment in its unique way. After healing, the color intensity drops 20 to 70%. A beautician can paint the spots where the pigment has faded, but not sooner than a month after the procedure. Until then, there is nothing you can do.


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5. Laser resurfacing

This is a rather traumatic procedure, and the consequences can be very different and not always pleasant. After the procedure, there is a very high risk of getting a skin infection. Erythema, the appearance of increased pigmentation and scars are also possible.


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6. Rashes after cleansing

There is a high chance you may have a rash after cleansing. It this case, make sure to contact the beautician for an antibacterial cream.


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7. Deep chemical peel

This type of peeling involves using phenol, an extremely toxic chemical compound. The skin’s reaction to this acid is quite unpredictable. There is a very high risk of damaging the basal layer of the skin, even under the supervision of an experienced beautician.


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8. Mezoniti

You can come across rather disturbing feedback about this highly risky procedure. You can get bruises and swelling.


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If you value your beauty and health, be careful with these salon procedures. If possible, refuse from some of them. Have you had any from this list?

This material is provided for informational purposes only. Some of the products and items discussed in this article may cause an allergic reaction and damage your health. Before use, consult a certified technician/specialist. The editorial board is not responsible for any harm or other consequences that may be caused by the use of the methods, products or items described in this article.

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