Victoria Beckham Passed On A Neurological Condition To Her 4 Children: "It Gallops"


Victoria Beckham Passed On A Neurological Condition To Her 4 Children: "It Gallops"

When we admire famous people who have achieved success in their field, we don’t think that they may struggle with other things. For example, as is the case with the family of Victoria and David Beckham, in which the mother passed on a hereditary disease to 4 children.


It is dyslexia – a specific learning difficulty, which impairs the ability to read and write despite normal intellectual development. It is manifested in a slow pace of reading and trouble with reading comprehension. At the same time, the affected child may excel in other subjects, such as mathematics, physics, and art.

Victoria Beckham self-diagnosed this condition in herself. And now, she notices it in her children – 3 sons and daughter. Here is how she commented on her observation:

Dyslexia doesn’t run in our family, it gallops.

However, this disorder didn’t stop Victoria from becoming one of the world’s leading fashion designers. It doesn’t interfere with the younger generation of Beckhams either, who try applying themselves in different spheres.

Once, all the sons had contracts with the football club Arsenal, following in the footsteps of their stellar father. But the soccer-phase didn’t last long. The boys went their own ways, doing what they truly wanted.

Brooklyn became interested in photography, Romeo aspires to be a professional tennis player, Cruz prefers music and dancing, and Harper is her mother’s little helper and a tomboy.

We don’t expect to see any of the Beckhams among the Nobel laureates, but we are sure they will find worthy fields to pursue and will definitely make their parents proud. And does anything else really matter?

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