Victoria Beckham Got Back At Her Husband For His Prank


Victoria Beckham Got Back At Her Husband For His Prank

Victoria and David Beckham have been married for almost 20 years! They have 4 children. The couple can be called exemplary – both partners fulfilled their potential, but still keep developing and trying themselves in new spheres. They both still have time for their children, and to top it all off – they don’t forget to express their affection to each other. 


Both Victoria and David have numerous tattoos, symbolizing their love to each other and to their children. This is yet another evidence of that after 20 years together, they haven’t lost the spark of passion and interest in their relationship. According to their Instagram accounts, they spend a lot of time together. There is even room for family pranks!

Recently, David has uploaded a video of Victoria exercising at their home gym. She was wearing headphones, so she didn’t notice her husband. David filmed his wife actively training, clapping her hands above her head. On the video, you can clearly hear him chuckle on the background. 

davidbeckham / Instagram

There is no telling if Victoria was amused by her husband’s idea, but she sure wanted to get even with him. And she did it when walking her daughter to school.

On her Instagram, Victoria posted a photo of her daughter with a David Beckham mask on her face, the caption "Look who we found walking to school today!" and many laughing smileys.

Tit for tat! It’s so good to see people who have been together for so long having fun together, inventing cute and innocent pranks, and then sharing it with the whole world. Victoria and David – one of the exemplary celebrity couples – bravo! 

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