Two Brave Couples Don't Just Elope, But Withstand Their Wedding Ceremonies Under 30 Mph Winds Of Hurricane Nate!


Two Brave Couples Don't Just Elope, But Withstand Their Wedding Ceremonies Under 30 Mph Winds Of Hurricane Nate!



They say true love conquers all and can withstand all the troubles that come in its way. But as lots of us probably know, there should be some prerequisites that can help a couple to stay together no matter what, even under the most difficult circumstances. Those who have been together for more than 10 years admit that a couple should have a good sense of humor, love, respect towards each other, and the last, but not least, courage.

So, if it’s all that it takes to have a happy marriage, then these two couples will definitely celebrate their 50 years anniversary together. And it’s because they are one of a few who decided to hold their wedding ceremonies despite the grim weather conditions in view of Hurricane Nate’s presence on the territory of the USA.

For Mike and Heather Coughlin, it was the day they’ve been dreaming about for a long time. The couple gathered all their friends and relatives to share their happiness with. And who would have thought a few months ago, when they were still planning the ceremony, that something as huge as a hurricane can stop it.

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Of course, no one of them wanted to give in to the weather, so they decided to continue their ceremony. On that day in New Orlean, it was extremely windy, and the brave couple stood there, saying their vows despite the weather. In the video, you will even see them holding hands and laughing. Once again, it testifies to the fact we wrote above. The sense of humor rules when it comes to family life.

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Here’s what the couple said about their decision to continue the ceremony:

It was a little hairy, but we realized what was most important, and that was all of our friends and family in one place.

Another couple that started their family life under the winds of the hurricane were Garrett and Carly Parsley. They were twice as brave to have their wedding ceremony on the beach in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

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They took their courage and exchanged their vows when the winds of Nate were blowing at 30 mph. Luckily, there was no rain to spoil it all. However, who knows how the couple would act in a situation like this.

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They, actually, say nothing could have stopped them, as they’d been planning the day for a year and a half. And there was nothing that could have prevented them from having it on that exact day.

So, after all we’ve seen, love does conquer everything! Enjoy the video, watching these brave couples making their dreams come true!

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