Twitter Erupts Over Awkward Handshake Moment Between Donald Trump And Nancy Pelosi At The SOTU 2020


Twitter Erupts Over Awkward Handshake Moment Between Donald Trump And Nancy Pelosi At The SOTU 2020

Donald Trump doesn’t exactly shy away from drama. He has been known to share controversial views either to the press or via social media. But this time around, people think he has taken petty to a whole new level.

At the State of the Union 2020

The President of the United States was recently at the State of the Union event which took place on February 4, 2020.

According to CNBC, the timing was pretty significant considering the fact that it came amid Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign and a day before the results of his impeachment charges would be heard.

Twitter Erupts Over Awkward Handshake Moment Between Donald Trump And Nancy Pelosi At The SOTU 2020Getty Images / Ideal Image

Keeping all these in mind, it made sense that there would be some tension in the air and Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives was right in the thick of things.

Nancy Pelosi’s handshake moment with Donald Trump

Things got a tad bit dramatic when the POTUS appeared to snub Pelosi as she reached out for a handshake.

In a video shared online by TIME, the awkward moment took place just as Trump was about to give his speech. He had just handed both Pelosi and Vice President Mike Pence what was believed to be copies of his speech.

Pelosi was going for a handshake that Trump either didn’t see or purposely ignored. In response, she shrugged like she wasn’t bothered.


The moment was only a few seconds long but it didn’t go unnoticed by the audience and viewers at home.

Many people took to social media to express themselves in reaction to the situation.

It was pretty clear that while some people took Trump’s side, others took Pelosi’s.

More tension at the event

This wasn’t the only dramatic thing to happen between Trump and Pelosi. According to the BBC, she also refused to state that it was her "honor" to introduce the president.

Then things got super odd when Pelosi tore what was reported to be the speech copy given to her and tossed the ripped pieces on her desk.

The experts weigh in

These moments led to major drama on social media. And a couple of well-known people discussed the matter too.

  • Former Governor of South Carolina Nikki Haley criticized Pelosi’s behavior, calling it "unbecoming."
  • Political commentator Michelle Malkin agreed.

  • Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said Pelosi’s action "isn’t clever or cute."

With the political climate the way it is lately, it’s understandable that things can get tense sometimes. However, we can also see why people were surprised and shocked by these displays on live television. It’s not exactly a good look for those involved and you can count on the public to air their opinions. What’s your take on how things went down between Pelosi and Trump? Do you believe they were both justified to express their feelings this way?

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