Trump Requests For A Van Gogh Painting To Decorate The White House, Museum Offers Him A Gold Toilet Instead


Trump Requests For A Van Gogh Painting To Decorate The White House, Museum Offers Him A Gold Toilet Instead

What the heck? Donald Trump requests for a Van Gogh masterpiece to display temporarily in the presidential palace. However, he was unapologetically turned down.

Instead, he was offered a toilet that had previously welcomed into its bowels, the not-so-pleasant human waste dropped into it by its eager users.

Landscape With Snow / Vincent Van Gogh (1888)

Why the White House asked for the loan of Van Gogh’s 1888 "Landscape With Snow."

The first family had requested for the work of art in order to use it to liven up their private quarters. The artwork in question is an 1888 oil painting named “Landscape With Snow.”


This isn’t anything unusual as former Presidents have also borrowed works of arts to use in decorating the Oval Office, their living quarters or any other room they so, please.

An 18-karat gold toilet instead

Now, to the unlikely replacement choice of a decor that was offered to the billionaire President. It’s an 18-carat gold toilet named “America.” It’s a “Maurizio Cattelan” creation that aims to make fun of America’s love for excessive wealth.

The crude reality is that the gold toilet has been in use at the restroom of the Guggenheim’s museum. Reportedly, more than one hundred thousand people waited in line to relieve themselves in it when it was first installed at the museum.

Apparently, the thought of helping themselves to a luxury toilet such as the one in question was just too tempting.

What will the White House say?

The Museum responded to the request of the President through their chief curator, Nancy Spector didn’t give an inkling as to why POTUS’s original request was turned down.


However, in the take-it-or-leave-it email, they sent to him, he was simply offered this substitute. Not forgetting, the installation manual.

According to reports, the White House hasn’t responded to the otherwise “kind offer.”

But over to you readers, a rare Van Gogh painting or a toilet made of solid gold? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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