Trump Has No Idea About The HIV And HPV Diseases: Bill Gates Discussed Donald's Weird Questions On Their Meetings


Trump Has No Idea About The HIV And HPV Diseases: Bill Gates Discussed Donald's Weird Questions On Their Meetings

Bill Gates shocked the world with the fact that Trump had no idea about the difference between HIV and HPV. During the two separate meetings, Donald asked the multimillionaire about the diseases and made it in quite a weird way.


Two meetings

The political and technological giants met twice after Trump became the 45th US President. The first conversation took place at Trump Tower in New York City in December 2016, right after the elections.


Later, Gates shared the details of the closed meeting where the two discussed scientific researches and the importance of supporting them from the national side. A few months after that, in March 2017, Donald and Bill met again in the White House. The main topic of that conversation was foreign aid and support of the health programs abroad.


Even though they disagreed on the several points, Gates concluded about the importance of working together.

HIV and HPV confusion

Both meetings, however, were marked with a slight misunderstanding from the Trump’s side. During the conversations, Donald asked Bill about the difference between two diseases – HIV and HPV.

Moreover, he underlined his confusion in an interesting way, speaking about himself in a third person:

Trump hears that you don’t like what Trump is doing.

It is worth reminding The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation work on developing healthcare system by making serious donations to the particular establishments. In 2016, the couple made $140 million donation for preventing the HIV spread via developing an implantable drug pump.

Jennifer Gates and Donald

Another thing Gates was surprised to hear from Trump is what he knew about his daughter Jennifer.


During the above-mentioned first meeting, Trump said he had met Jen previously in Florida:

So when I first talked to him, it was actually kind of scary how much he knew about my daughter’s appearance. Melinda did not like that too well.

The relationships between the two tycoons are quite interesting to follow, so we will keep an eye on the other possible mentioning and let you know once they reach the public.

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