True Fighter! Craig Ferguson Nearly Lost His Life Because Of Alcoholism, But He Managed To Get Sober


True Fighter! Craig Ferguson Nearly Lost His Life Because Of Alcoholism, But He Managed To Get Sober

Craig Ferguson has built a successful career as a comedian, hosting a few popular shows over the years, including The Late Late Show. He is happily married and has two children, but life hasn’t always been bright for him…

Craig used to be an alcoholic. He started drinking as a teen and developed a serious drinking problem in his adult years, but he finally managed to quit cold-turkey and is now telling his story as a cautionary tale.

Craig’s long battle with alcoholism

Craig had his first drink when he was only 13. In an interview with Larry King, he recalled that it was common in Scotland when he was growing up, and he viewed it as “the grown-up thing to do.”

That was in the ’70s. By the time he was in his late twenties, Craig had developed a serious drinking problem and struggled with it throughout the late ’80s and early ’90s.

At one point it got so bad that Craig started thinking about taking his own life. He later recalled on The Late Late Show that it was Christmas Day in 1991, and he got the wild idea to jump off Tower Bridge in London as he felt he couldn’t take it anymore. He didn’t follow through with his plan, though: he got so drunk that he forgot what he was planning to do.

How he managed to quit

After that Christmas day, Craig had a series of realizations. After he unsuccessfully tried to pawn his expensive watch just to get a drink, and then, went to his sister’s home (she was, apparently, unaware of his drinking problem) to ask her for booze, he realized he hit the lowest point.

He called his old friend asking for help and managed to get sober. February 18 is like a second birthday to Craig, as on that day in 1992 he resolved to never drink again and has solemnly kept this promise he made to himself.

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