Transgender Shared His Old Pictures. Hard To Believe It's The Same Person


Transgender Shared His Old Pictures. Hard To Believe It's The Same Person

There are around 1,4 million transgenders living in the USA. Transgenders are people who don’t hide their inner discrepancy with their biological sex acquired by birth. As a rule, they identify as the opposite sex. In order to reach harmonious existence, many of them resolve for a transgender transition, which involves gender reassignment surgery, as well as change of name and documents.

Many transgenders are familiar with unacceptance from their family and friends after announcing their gender identity. They are often rejected and made to feel alienated. But they don’t change their decision. Much like in the case of 22-year-old Jaimie Wilson who was born female.

In 2015 Jaimie announced that he feels like a man and is ready to go all the way to become "himself" in reality. It took him two years of hormone therapy, then there was the surgery. In order to completely shape his male figure, Jaimie worked out really hard in the gym.

Those who hadn’t previously believed in his transformation – considering him too "feminine" – now brand him as overly "masculine." The transition did turn out to be very contrasting.

His pictures of "before and after" posted on the net got 13 million views! Many expressed their support to Jaimie’s belief that "you are NOT who people think you are, you are who you know you are."

Would you be able to recognize in this bulked up guy the curvy girl Jaimie used to be?

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