Tom Hardy Is Totally Unrecognizable: He Is Ready For 'Fonzo'


Tom Hardy Is Totally Unrecognizable: He Is Ready For 'Fonzo'

Actor Tom Hardy recently shared a photo of himself on Instagram as a sneak peek of his new role. The 40-year-old Englishman will be playing notorious gangster Al Capone in the upcoming biopic, Fonzo.

The picture showed Hardy with a bald head and tattoos all the way to his wrists. He also had a fedora that Capone was famously known for.

Fantastic Four’s Josh Trank is the man behind the script for the movie and will also occupy the director’s chair.

No information about release has been shared as of yet.

Becoming Al Capone

Filling the shoes of a notorious gangster is not a joke. But Hardy seems to be taking it in his stride. He was spotted on Monday on the New Orleans set of the film.

Hardy was in a grey tee shirt and black shorts with Nike sneakers. He looked pretty comfortable strolling through the set, holding on to a mannequin head.

One striking thing about the actor is his head. It was shaven clean, clearly in preparation for the role. No cutting corners with a skull cap for this dedicated actor.

It also seems like Hardy may be putting on some extra weight for the role as he looked a little larger than usual. On first glance, he is hardly recognizable but deep stare always gives him away.

More pictures of action behind-the-scenes are expected to pop up soon.

Fans are shocked at the transformation

Hardy is hardly the first actor to change his appearance for a film role, but his fans are particularly impressed with his transformation for Capone.

If the photo Hardy shared is anything to go by, it looks like Fonzo is set to be a hit.

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