Tips For Surviving The First Days At The Gym And Not Losing Motivation Right Away


Tips For Surviving The First Days At The Gym And Not Losing Motivation Right Away


You make the decision to join a gym, pay your monthly fee, postpone your first day more than once, you finally go, end up exhausted and wanting to never return, and then you don’t return. Does this story sound familiar? Let’s be honest: The first days at the gym are tough and very decisive. If you don’t like something, it becomes an excuse and it’s easy for you to give up. Physical exercise is a key part of a healthy lifestyle and will power shouldn’t let us down.

To overcome the first days at the gym, here are some tips that will help you reach your goals and not give up.

1. Establish realistic goals.

Chat with a consultant at your gym and together establish realistic aims you can reach in a certain period of time. If you set yourself unrealistic targets, you’ll soon become frustrated and lose motivation. Remember that "Rome wasn’t built in a day" and that consistency is the only thing that will enable you to reach your goals.

2. Join a gym close by.

Making sure the gym is close to your home or work is vital. This way, you won’t ever have the excuse of "it’s too far away". For your own comfort, choose one which is easy to get to, ideally one which has several locations.

3. Create a special playlist.

Prepare a list of songs you like and which make you feel energetic. The music will put you in a good mood and you’ll be done before you know it. This way, you’ll associate your gym routine with something positive and fun.

4. Pay 3 months upfront.

Some gyms have plans where you can pay for a 1-month, 3-month, or 6-month subscription. It’s recommended to go with 3 or more, that way you’ll force yourself to go — even if it’s because you don’t want to waste your money — during this time. Otherwise, you’ll have nothing to lose and give up after the first month.

5. Forget about comparisons.

Don’t forget that those you see in the gym with amazing figures have probably been going there for months or even years. So don’t compare yourself to them, your friends,or to people you see on social media. All bodies are different and it’s completely normal for beginners not yet to be in shape.

6. Approach the trainers.

Leave embarrassment to the side and approach a trainer to ask them to give you a routine, to help you perform the exercises correctly, and to give you advice about healthy habits. Explain your goals from the start — toning, increased muscle mass, weight loss, etc. —, and make sure to mention how many days per week you plan to go, whether you’ve done similar exercises before, etc. This will make the initial phase much easier to deal with.

Most importantly: Never forget the reason why you decided to change your lifestyle for a healthier one in the first place. That should be your biggest motivation!

It’s important to state that all of the information contained in is designed to be exclusively INFORMATIVE, and at no time should it be considered professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek medical advice. Don’t ignore or delay seeking medical advice because of anything you have read on this site.

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