Time Out: 9-Year-Old Girl Had To Be Checked Into Rehab Due To Video Game Addiction


Time Out: 9-Year-Old Girl Had To Be Checked Into Rehab Due To Video Game Addiction



A nine-year-old girl in the UK has been committed to rehab due to a video game addiction. The girl was obsessed with Fortnite, a survival shooter that was released in July 2017.

Two months prior, the girl’s parents received complaints from teachers. Apparently, her grades had been slipping. Also, she had resigned from participation in sports. Her parents also noticed monthly payments to Microsoft of up to £50 on their credit card.

When they confronted their daughter, she said she had paid for extras on the game to boost her performance. And when her father tried to take the Xbox console and game away from her, the girl actually lashed out at him.

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According to her parents, they were unaware of how bad the situation was until one morning they found their daughter sitting in a couched soaked in her own urine. Her mother shared details of the problem with Matthew Harbour for Sunday People.

My husband saw her light on in the night and found her sitting on a urine-soaked ­cushion playing the game. She was so hooked to the game she wouldn’t even go to the toilet.

Now, the primary school girl is undergoing intensive therapy to help curb her gaming addiction.

Thousands of people have shared their thoughts on the story with most blaming the girl’s parents for encouraging her addiction by letting her have the game in the first place.

And while some commentators feel children should not be allowed to play video games at all, some other believe that games can be educational and beneficial for mental stimulation as long as play time is controlled.

Gaming addiction is a real problem and manifests in different ways. And it is not entirely dependent on the amount of time spent playing games though studies show that more than 3 hours of gaming a week is closely linked to social anxiety and depression in youth.


Some addicts display antisocial behavior and avoid interacting with other people even when they play for short amounts of time. Violent outbursts when addicts get interrupted are a sure sign of a bigger problem. Also, if a child is always talking about a particular game or games, there is a likelihood that the child is addicted.

If any of these symptoms are identified, seek help for the child. Sites like and On-Line Gamers Anonymous provide useful information regarding gaming addiction.

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