Tim McGraw Collapsed On Stage And Had To Cancel His Concert Due To Health Condition


Tim McGraw Collapsed On Stage And Had To Cancel His Concert Due To Health Condition



Tim McGraw collapsed on stage during his recent performance in Dublin, Ireland. The star had to cancel the concert due to some problems with health.

Tim McGraw canceled his concert due to the health condition

A famous singer and songwriter, Tim McGraw, had to cancel his performance in Ireland on Sunday night. The matter is that, McGraw suddenly dropped to his knees on stage just in the middle of the concert. It was hard for him to breath, and assistants took him to the backstage where he received medical care.

Допис, поширений Faith Hill (@faithhill)

Tim’s wife, Faith Hill, addressed to the audience and explained that her husband has been "super dehydrated," and he could not continue his performance.

I apologize, but I made the decision that he cannot come back out onstage.

Допис, поширений Faith Hill (@faithhill)

One of the fans made a video from the concert and posted on Instagram page:

Допис, поширений Faith Hill Fans ???? (@faithhill_fans)

Later, McGraw’s representative made a statement saying the country singer was attended to by local medical staff, and he feels much better now.

McGraw’s fans took the situation with understanding. Faith Hill thanked all people in the audience for their support. Tim is very lucky to have such thoughtful wife and devoted fans. You know people say like: “A friend in need is a friend indeed.”

We wish McGraw to recover soon and hope to see the singer in good health and perfect mood during his future performances.

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