Tim McGraw And Faith Hill Talk About Their Marriage, New Album, And Daughter's Boyfriend


Tim McGraw And Faith Hill Talk About Their Marriage, New Album, And Daughter's Boyfriend



Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have finally transferred the chemistry of their incredible family duo into a new album. The stars’ onstage collaboration after 21 years of marriage has all chances to become a real breakthrough. Today, we want to reveal some interesting facts about the couple’s happy marriage, new album, and first meeting with their daughter’s boyfriend.

An Incredible ending to an amazing week. #TheRestOfOurLife

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The couple’s secret to a happy marriage

Long and happy marriages are not typical for Hollywood celebrities, but there are some exceptions. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have been married since 1996. It is always pleasant to find a couple who shares their love for more than two decades. McGraw reveals the secret of their long-lasting marriage:

In the car, I drive. In the relationship, she drives. We make decisions about things in different ways, but we always talk about it before we do it.


Despite their busy schedules and numerous concerts, McGraw and Hill always dedicate time to each other. The couple is sure that the key to successful marriage is spending all precious moments together. Besides, it is always good when two partners share common interests and hobbies. McGraw considers his wife to be his most strict and fair critic. And finally, the biggest secret to a happy marriage according to Faith Hill is:

 You have to like each other and you have to love each other!


Incident with a daughter’s boyfriend

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have three daughters. Tim calls himself a strict dad who always does his own research on anyone of his daughters’ friends. In his interview on Jimmy Show, McGraw shared the story of how he first met a boyfriend of his eldest daughter, Gracie.

Gracie was on a date with her new boyfriend. Tim decided to wait until she would return home. The family was doing a barbecue, so McGraw was in the kitchen trimming up a meat.

 I’ve got chunks of meat all over my white apron, blood everywhere.

When the doorbell rang, the dad totally forgot Gracie was coming with her boyfriend. When he opened the door, a poor guy just couldn’t say a word. It must be a knife in Tim’s hand and bloody apron that made the boy speechless. McGraw confessed he would remember this ‘cute story’ for a long time.

Fantastic duo

The couple’s collaboration for a new album will highlight the styles of both talented singers. Their powerful hits The Rest of Our Life and Love Me to Lie can mesmerize anyone who listens to them for the first time. These great hits make people listen to them again and again.


A mix of Hill and McGraw’s singing styles is able to make the album a real breakthrough in the music industry. When the couple appears on stage, the fans just can’t help admiring how great these two look together. You may watch the duo’s incredible performance in the video below.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are both talented and successful people who show that a happy and long-lasting marriage is not a fiction if two people really love each other.

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