This Brave Dog Went Viral And Raised A Lot Of Money On GoFundMe After It Got Shot 4 Times By Robbers


This Brave Dog Went Viral And Raised A Lot Of Money On GoFundMe After It Got Shot 4 Times By Robbers



A German shepherd went viral after he put his life at risk to save his owner, Javier Mercado. The heroic dog was shot four times by desperate armed robbers.


The dog’s protective instinct

Javier was home alone when the robbers broke into the house in Des Moines, Iowa.

Immediately, the 16-year-old boy became aware of what was going on; he made his way to the bedroom and hid in the closet, determined to hold onto Rex.

However, the dog’s protective instinct had gotten in the way. It went downstairs to attack the trespassers.

Unfazed robbers

Javier’s aunty, Susy Cadena, narrated the incident in a GoFundMe page she set up to raise money for Rex’s treatment. She said the robbers were unfazed by the larger than average dog and proceeded to beat him up.

Nonetheless, the dog did not give up or back out from protecting his owners and their property. According to Susy’s story, when the dog went back upstairs to check on Javier, the robbers followed him.

While they searched the room to find what they could make away with, the teenager kept hiding. It was during their last ditch effort as soon as they heard sirens approach the building that they shot at Rex four times.

People are touched

Rex’s story touched a lot of people who responded to their GoFundMe request. Their original goal was $10,000, but they were able to raise $62,221.


For dogs like Rex, their acts of heroism do not end in them getting their much deserved chance at life again. For years, the American Humane organization has held a Hero Dog Awards to recognize the service of courageous dogs.

The categories range from law enforcement to guide/hearing service dogs. And they don’t just get American Hero Dog awards for their acts of courage, they also get to be treated like royalty.

Kudos to the American Humane organization!

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