The Dog Kept Barking At Her Pregnant Owner's Belly. Her Behavior Helped Reveal A Deadly Danger


The Dog Kept Barking At Her Pregnant Owner's Belly. Her Behavior Helped Reveal A Deadly Danger

All dog owners know their four-legged friends can feel all human emotions. They can sense everything at first glance. They always know when we are sad, worried or angry. But this is not the only ability these loyal creatures have!

Dogs’ amazing sense of smell can also reveal when there is something wrong in the human body. That’s how a dog named Keola managed to save the life of her pregnant owner and her unborn baby.

Alhanna Butler is a young woman whose life was saved thanks to the incredible intuition of her four-legged friend Keola. Alhanna’s favorite Akita Inu was able to reveal her owner’s disease in time! Unbelieveable but true!

Akita Inu is a Japanese dog breed perfectly adapted for protection and hunting. Additionally, these dogs can serve as tailed nannies.

Keola has been living with his owners, Ricky and Alhanna, since childhood. The happy family live in South Yorkshire, England. She is part of the family and adores her owners! 

Alhanna became pregnant in 2015. The family were happy to be expecting a new member of the household.

Keola was very excited and happy to see her owner’s growing bump. It seemed like she perfectly sensed that there would soon be a new family member around.

However, soon Keola’s behavior changed. She became too interested in Alhanna’s belly. Additionally, she kept barking, whining and poking at Alhanna’s belly with her nose as if trying to show her something.

In the 18th week of her pregnancy, Alhanna felt a sharp pain in her back. The pain was so strong that the poor woman could hardly walk. She went to the doctor to find out the reason for her backache. However, the doctor could not find anything unusual or serious.

The doctor said that my body was just too tired of having to carry the weight of a huge belly.

The health care specialist managed to convince the pregnant woman that all her painful sensations were due to the peculiarities of her body structure. Alhanna believed that the pain was related to the baby growing in her belly.

It was horrible! Some people did not even believe I was truly suffering a lot. Some of the doctors even reproached me, "Oh, if you are not able to stand this pain, how are you going to give birth?" But the truth was I could barely walk!

When the woman returned home from the hospital, Keola lay down next to her owner, put her nose on her belly and started to bark. Alhanna began to worry again.

I kept asking myself, "Why is my dog behaving like this?"

Alhanna took a photo and posted it on Facebook. Her friends immediately reacted to her post and advised her to take Keola’s behavior more seriously. Most of them stated that dogs have the ability to sense whenever there is something wrong with their owner.

"Listen to your dog! She is trying to tell you something!" my mother told me on the phone.

As time went by, Keola’s behavior became more and more strange. Alhanna listened to her mother’s advice and went to the hospital again.

Eventually, a series of examinations and tests revealed that the woman had a very rare disease – a double kidney infection. Moreover, Alhanna was already close to dying!

Amazingly, Keola had sensed the problem long before the doctors could actually see it!

Thanks to the dog’s strange behavior, Alhanna received the necessary treatment in a timely manner. It took some serious antibiotic therapy to cure the woman. Otherwise, the disease could have killed both the future mother and her unborn baby.

Our smart dog saved not only me, but also our son before he was actually born!

Only due to Keola’s persistant warnings were doctors able to save Alhanna’s and her little son’s life and health!

A few weeks after Alhanna’s treatment, she gave birth to their little son. Finally Keola got to meet her "little brother".

The baby and the dog became best friends from the very first minute!

Now the child and the dog are inseparable!

The owners of Keola, Ricky and Alhanna, are really proud of their protective and smart dog!

Keola is a real heroine and truly deserves praise! If you think so too, please share this post with your friends!

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