Teacher Fired Gun In A Classroom And Barricaded Himself At Georgia High School


Teacher Fired Gun In A Classroom And Barricaded Himself At Georgia High School

A social studies teacher, who was well-liked by students, barricaded himself inside a classroom at Dalton high school in Georgia on Wednesday and fired a handgun out of a window, sending students running outside or hiding down in darkened gym locker rooms.

The police in Dalton reported that the classroom where the incident happened was empty at that time. No one was injured except one student who hurt her ankle running away.

The teacher was 53-year-old Jesse Randal Davidson. He taught social studies and served as play-by-play voice of the school’s football team. Davidson had been working at the school since 2004 and was called "top teacher" in 2012.

There is no clarity as to why he had a gun. When Davidson was questioned by detectives, he refused to say what made him shoot in the classroom.

Police mentioned that it appeared that Davidson didn’t want to hurt students or the school’s staff. He fired the gun at a window when the principal of the school tried to enter the barricaded classroom.

A spokesman for police Bruce Frazier said:

I don’t know whether he was just firing the gun off to let people know to back off or what.

The incident happened about 11:30 a.m. Students tried to enter the classroom, but they were not lucky. After that, they told the principal Steve Bartoo, who tried to get in. He commented:

I didn’t get the door open very far, but he slammed the door and hollered ‘Go away, don’t come in here.’ He had some nonsensical noises that were made as well.

When Bartoo returned with a key and tried to open the door, Davidson slammed it again and warned that he has a gun. That’s when he made a shot.

The teacher now faces six charges, including terroristic threats and carrying a weapon in a school safety zone.

The shooting happened after the deadly massacre in Parkland, Florida. President Trump proposed to arm teachers in order to prevent shootings like that.


Now, he thinks that the teacher did it on purpose to prove that it’s a bad idea:

Trump’s proposal has already faced a lot of criticism concerning dangerous side effects that it can create. The Dalton students tweeted their reactions too:

What will President Trump propose next?

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