Surrogate Mom Became Pregnant With Her Own Child While Carrying Another Couple’s Baby


Surrogate Mom Became Pregnant With Her Own Child While Carrying Another Couple’s Baby

A weird pregnancy case happened to a woman from California, who became pregnant with her own biological child while carrying a surrogate baby for another couple.

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Jessica Allen was a happy mother of two wonderful kids when she decided to become a surrogate for a Chinese couple. Jessica said she agreed to carry another woman’s child because in her opinion, “becoming a parent is the greatest blessing for any person.” She knows that very well, as she has two wonderful sons.


In April 2016, Allen became pregnant with the couple’s baby, but when she took her first ultrasound, a doctor noticed there were two embryos in her scans. Doctors made the most obvious conclusion in such situation that the second baby was an identical twin, and just after a while, they discovered that it was Jessica’s own biological son.

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After childbirth, both babies were immediately transferred to their legal parents before Allen even had a chance to look at them. However, later, when she saw a picture of the newborns, the woman noticed one of them had darker skin tone than the other.

One, his skin tone was much fairer than the other. One looked full Chinese, the other didn’t look full Chinese. It was very clear that they were not identical.

Jessica and her husband decided to take a DNA test to reveal the truth about the second baby. The test determined that one of the newborns was really Allen’s biological son.

It is an extremely rare case when a ‘double’ pregnancy can occur if a woman continues to ovulate after becoming pregnant.


In such case, fertilization may lead to having two embryos with different gestational ages, and different genetic code.

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Jessica and her husband, Jasper, decided to do whatever they can to get their baby back, but they understood the Chinese parents wouldn’t agree to give them their kid so easily. After a complicated process, which lasted for several months, Jessica and Jasper have finally reunited with their son. Now, the whole family lives happily together with their newest little member.

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