Surprising Reason Why Duchess Kate Takes Pictures Of Prince George, Princess Charlotte, And Prince Louis Herself


Surprising Reason Why Duchess Kate Takes Pictures Of Prince George, Princess Charlotte, And Prince Louis Herself

When we first saw a charming photo of Princess Charlotte that her mom, Kate, took herself, we couldn’t help but admit that the duchess has a real knack for photography.

She’s made no secret of her hobby, staying away from big celebrity photographers and taking photos of her children herself. But, as it turned out, there is a surprising reason why Kate decided to take the matters into her own hands.


According to the lead expert in baby photography, Gina Jones, it’s all because the royal parents want to be ‘resourceful with money’. She explained:

It shows how modern Kate and William are by being more accessible and having a hands-on approach. It also shows that they are resourceful with money as you often see Kate in high street fashion and sometimes repeating outfits and so by taking her own photos this again shows how she is savvy with money.

Previously, Kate had chosen famous photographer Mario Testino to shoot family photos, but it seems she’s hoping to become a royal photographer herself.

A director and photographer of PR photo agency, Professional Images, Simon Apps adds:

I don’t think the Duchess is looking for a career in photography, but she could certainly have an eye on taking the position of "Royal photographer", a title bestowed on Lord Lichfield who sadly passed away from a stroke in 2005. Like him, she is perfectly, if not better, placed to capture those intimate spontaneous moments within the Royal Family for which he was so famous.

If experts say she is a natural behind the lens, we can’t argue with that! Kate’s knack for photography was acknowledged after she received an honorary lifetime membership of the prestigious Royal Photographic Society, being recognized for her ‘talent and enthusiasm’.  

It was recently discovered that the duchess has another hidden talent not many aware of. At school, she won many awards for both sporting achievements and music. We knew she’s good at playing hockey, tennis, and netball.


But Kate is also a very gifted flute player.


We wonder which skills of this multi-talented royal will her kids take on?

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