Stunning Duchesses Arrive In Sparkling Princess-Like Diamonds For Prince Charles' B-Day Party


Stunning Duchesses Arrive In Sparkling Princess-Like Diamonds For Prince Charles' B-Day Party



Yesterday, Prince Charles celebrated his 70th birthday, and later in the evening, he hosted a very private party for family members and friends.

Jewels and women

Duchess Camilla looked unbelievably spectacular in a dark blue gown and dazzling jewelry. She seemed delighted beside her husband, as if she wanted to do everything required for their eternal happiness.

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Also, Queen Elizabeth II, Kate Middleton, and Meghan Markle mingled together wearing stunning dresses and flashing pieces of jewelry, visible from thousands of miles away. Perhaps it was the theme of the party.


Moreover, Camila posted a video of extremely rare photos of the Prince of Wales, while Kensington Palace revealed new portraits with only close royal family members.

Diamond-like Duchesses

Kate was spotted all happy and bright with Prince William in the car, as she donned a breathtaking pink dress showing one shoulder, which makes us believe her dress is a bit revealing. Her makeup was simple, but highlighted her amazing facial traits. And of course, the Duchess wore her hair up, forming a princess-like hairdo. 

On the same note, Meghan also brought her A-game. The soon-to-be-mother was spotted with Prince Harry in the car, wearing beautifully enormous earrings. Although no photos of the outfit have been fully released yet (we’re can’t wait!), it’s obvious that she chose something extraordinary for herself. Like Kate, the Duchess of Sussex preferred her hair up in order to depict her sparkling jewels.

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It’s time to wait for a million other photos with all the details on their dresses and shoes. They rocked their outfits, and it will probably be one of the most talked-about best looks for both Duchesses. 

Fans are on cloud nine

It’s no question that a vast amount of people adore the royal family, especially when Kate and Meghan stun in unusually lovely dresses, or even skinny jeans. The Duchesses’ styles are a bit similar, although each of them has their own preferences and ideas for clothing. It’s totally awesome!

Everybody looked stylish, pleased, and amazing while attending the late-evening birthday party. We’re sure that Prince Charles was more than happy that day, just by being surrounded by so many close people. 

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