Stan And Joan Lee: Their 63 Years Of Marriage


Stan And Joan Lee: Their 63 Years Of Marriage



Love is indescribable. The love Stan Lee and his wife Joan shared was beautiful to say the least, and her death can only be best described with the words "It’s the end of a wonderful life".


The death of Joan Lee

Joan Lee, a wife of Stan Lee, died in Los Angeles in July at the age of 93. Joan Lee had been reportedly hospitalized after suffering a stroke.


A spokesperson for the Stan Lee family confirmed the sad news as well as the family’s request that their privacy should be respected during that difficult time.

Their love story

Joan, who was a former British hat model, on December 5th, 1947 was married to Stan Lee. Their meeting was not common. It was arranged by fate.

Stan was supposed to take Joan’s friend out on a blind date, but on getting to the house, it was Joan who opened the door and just like that, Stan fell in love!

Before meeting Stan, Joan impulsively married to an American soldier during the World War II, it was an unhappy relationship that ended in a divorce. Few weeks after Stan met Joan, he proposed to her, and more than anyone else, Stan wanted Joan to be divorced and the moment she was; she was married to him

Their life after the wedding

After their wedding, the newlyweds returned to New York where Stan pursued his career. He cited Joan as his inspiration for the Fantastic Four project he co-created in 1961.

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They later moved to California, so the comic icon could develop Marvel TV and Film Works. Joan also did voice over for Spider-Man and Fantastic Four. She even had a role in 2016’s X-men. And in 1987, Joan authored a novel titled ‘The Pleasure Palace’.

It was a never-ending love tale, a match made in heaven. Despite the fame, raising a daughter and losing one, as well as the scandals that seem to surround most Hollywood couples, these two stuck together against all odds.


They shared their pains as well as their joys together. They kept to their marital vows. Joan and Stan were married for 63 years and would have been married for much longer.

It is a pity that she isn’t here to congratulate him on his 95th birthday.

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