Shemar Moore Helps His Mother Overcome Multiple Sclerosis, And He Is Her Main Supporter


Shemar Moore Helps His Mother Overcome Multiple Sclerosis, And He Is Her Main Supporter

It’s never easy to learn of a loved one’s battle with illness, it’s even harder when it’s a debilitating illness like multiple sclerosis. Our celebrities are no different from us; they face challenges too and battle illnesses too just like the rest of us.

It’s in light of this that Shemar Moore opened up to PEOPLE about his mother’s battle with MS.

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Shemar Moore

Shemar is an American actor that was born on the 20th of April, 1970. If you can’t remember him from the days of ‘The Young and the Restless’, you should remember him as Derek Morgan on CBS’s ‘Criminal Minds’ and most recently on S. W. A. T.

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He is one of the most consistent actors and his work on TV shows and movies have won millions of hearts all around the world.

His Mother’ Battles With MS

In 1991, Shemar’s mother Marilyn was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Being an only child that grew up with his mom, one can easily relate to his denial when it was confirmed that his mother has MS.

I went through the whole denial thing for a couple of years, I was like take a couple aspirin and go to sleep… You’ll be fine. You’ll be fine. Go get a massage and slow down.

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But instead of getting better, she began to deteriorate, and he realized just how much the illness was affecting his mother.

Her major supporters

Moore was scared, it has always been him and Marilyn against the world and so when he learned of her diagnosis, he didn’t accept it. However, seeing her deteriorate right before his eyes made him realize how serious the illness was.

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He set aside his fear and did all he could to help her. He had her moved to Los Angeles so she can be closer to him and he can in turn easily keep an eye on her. He admits his mother who is now 72 years old still has her bad days but on a regular day, she is seen bouncing around trying to dance in the kitchen.

Moore has also turned his attention to the disease, learning all he could as well as raising awareness and funds.

HOPE SANTA BRINGS YOU ALL YOUR TOYS!!!! ????????????????????????????????????????????

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While he considers his mom his superwoman, she, on the other hand, considers him her cheerleader and number one supporter.

My quality of life is totally determined by Shemar’s generosity.

Shemar inspires people to be there for their aged parents no matter the circumstance.

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