She Was Raped By Her Brother At 11, Gave Birth At 12, Miscarried At 18, But Was Still Able To Find Happiness


She Was Raped By Her Brother At 11, Gave Birth At 12, Miscarried At 18, But Was Still Able To Find Happiness

In 2006, Tressa Middleton became the youngest mother in Britain when she got pregnant at the age of 11, and gave birth at 12.

Tressa revealed she was raped by her brother, but it wasn’t enough for her family to sympathize with the young girl, and she was disowned.

After 2 years of caring for her baby girl, Middleton got denied all contact with her, and had to live with the horrible reality of her child being taken away for her. 

At that point, Tressa’s daughter was the only person she was close to, and losing her baby was a huge hit for the young mother.

Desperate Tressa turned to drugs in an attempt to numb the pain, but luckily, her dark times didn’t last too long.

Tressa got pregnant again at 18

With the help of her counselor, Middleton was able to get clean, and even got engaged to her new boyfriend, Darren Young. The couple soon found out Tressa was expecting, but this time, it was different.

Although being of acceptable age to have a baby, Tressa couldn’t shake off the guilt of losing her first daughter, and she was afraid it would happen again. As Middleton told The Sun:

I went through so much the first time, and was so completely heartbroken when they took her away, I couldn’t go through it all again. I still sleep with my first daughter’s teddy every night — I’ve never let go of the love I have for her.

Another tragedy struck when Tressa miscarried the child. She felt as if she was being punished for having to give away her firstborn.

Darren and Tressa kept trying to have a baby

Despite the terrible miscarriage, the couple didn’t give up on their dream of having a child together.

Finally, in 2017, when Tressa was 23, they welcomed their baby girl Arihanna.

Tressa made a vow to give her second daughter the best life she could provide, as well as all the love she still had for her first daughter.

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