She's Always Been A Beauty: Pictures Of Young Ivana Trump Show How Her Looks Have Evolved Over The Years


She's Always Been A Beauty: Pictures Of Young Ivana Trump Show How Her Looks Have Evolved Over The Years



Ivana Trump was a young model once upon a time. This meant that at the time, her beauty was much-talked-about and it wasn’t surprising that she caught the eye of Donald Trump.

Ivana grew up in the Czech Republic but moved to Canada in 1972 and shortly after, her modeling career took off. She collaborated with clients that included Eaton’s department store and designer Auckie Sanft.

She eventually married Donald Trump in 1977 and they became the glamorous couple people were in awe of. Their marriage didn’t last, however, as they officially divorced in 1992.

Pictures of young Ivana Trump

Many people know what Ivana Trump looks like today but as a 70-year-old woman, her appearance has undergone a lot of changes over the years.

While she was married to Donald, Ivana kept herself busy. According to The List, she wasn’t just a trophy wife even though she was stunning enough to be one. She was an integral part of building the Trump empire.

Donald Trump recognized Ivana’s dedication and made her the vice president of interior design. Later on, she became the president of Trump’s Castle casino resort and the Plaza hotel.

She managed to achieve all this while also raising the three children she and Donald welcomed together; Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Eric.

Ivana told the New York Post that the fact that Donald trusted her with these positions in his empire was proof of the respect he had for women.

After her divorce from Donald, Ivana’s popularity improved even more. She booked a solo photoshoot with Vogue Magazine and even became celebrated for her hairstyle as people spent thousands of dollars trying to copy it.

While being a single mother to her three kids, she also became an author, launched a clothing and jewelry line and also dabbled in real estate development.

Ivana Trump remains vibrant

The gorgeous lady once gave glimpses into her home when she was featured on OWN‘s Where Are They Now. Her fun-loving personality and overall radiance cannot be missed.

A lot has changed in the life of Ivana Trump. From being a young girl to pursuing a career in modeling. She went through a high-profile marriage and subsequent divorce while also embracing her independence and assertiveness. Today, she remains a force to be reckoned with and fans continue to appreciate and love her.

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