Sharon Stone Says Women Need To Love Themselves Despite Their Age


Sharon Stone Says Women Need To Love Themselves Despite Their Age

Sharon Stone just turned 60, but it is unlikely anybody believes her. The stunning actress shared these new pictures on her Instagram.

Stone looks absolutely fabulous in this shot, wearing a black Versace jacket with golden over classic black shorts, showing off her slim waistline.

Earlier in February, she shared another photo of her in a print dress by Prada with golden heels. Stone looks pretty easy but equally stunning.

The shoot was organized by ODDA Magazine to mark their six-year anniversary. All photos were taken by photographer Cameron Postforoosh.

Bikini body secret

1992 seems like a pretty long time ago, but it is incredible that Stone can still pull off a two-piece bikini. She is currently promoting her new film, All I Wish, and images of her in a bikini were part of the teasers.

But how does she manage to stay in shape despite her advancing years?

Speaking with InStyle, Stone confessed to working out with Suzanne Somers’ famous ThighMaster.

I did a lot of Suzanne Somers ThighMaster! And every late-night television exercise video you can buy. It was a frightening day at work, but I figured if I ran around and moved fast enough, you couldn’t quite see all the problem areas.

Stone has always been big on body confidence.


Stone is never afraid to show some skin when she wants to or has to. The role she plays in the new movie was originally planned for a 25-year-old. Stone was supposed to play the mother.

However, Stone says she saw other possibilities in the character, and after a few tweaks, she replaced the 25-year-old. Now, everyone is keen on seeing what the movie turns out.

Staying confident with age

Many women grow less confident about themselves and their bodies as they age. It is understandable, but the physical appearance is only a part of the aging process.


Staying focused on the important things in life, such as relationships, values, passion, and spirituality, can boost confidence as women grow older. And there is always room for growth, so taking up new challenges and learning new skills can also help boost confidence.

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