Security Guard With “Hate-Filled Eyes” Denied The Instagram Star Entry To Louvre Due To Her Risqué Outfit!


Security Guard With “Hate-Filled Eyes” Denied The Instagram Star Entry To Louvre Due To Her Risqué Outfit!

In today’s developed society, people are free to wear whatever they want. However, certain places and events still require a particular dress code to be followed. Australian blogger Newsha Syeh believes it is time to abandon these restrictions.

Newsha Syeh is a model, writer, and living idol on social networks. 270,000 people have already subscribed to her Instagram account. She is popular for her revealing photos, love for modeling, and traveling. The girl also has a Tumblr blog called theworldandmew where she talks about her adventures and shares helpful tips.

The Australian blogger recently decided to spend her honeymoon in Paris. Instead of a romantic journey with her wife, Newsha was met with serious troubles. When she wanted to enter The Louvre, a local guard refused to let her in since she was improperly dressed.

The girl shared on her Instagram account that she felt “heartbroken” after the security guard made “disgusted and horrible gestures” towards her.

A few days later she shared another post, signing it like this:

Picasso would have loved my outfit.

Here’s how social network users responded to the incident:

You kinda look like you were getting paid for the evening, just saying, as reflected by the rest of your tasteless pics.

You look beautiful but I agree it’s inappropriate for a museum etc.

A museum is not a disco, not a place where they have fun and show off their sexy body parts!

Although there were those who defended the blogger:

You are beautiful, and the clothes you wear are wonderful.

How you should dress in a museum

Whether we like it or not, there are rules for visiting exhibitions and museums. For example, people in The Louvre aren’t allowed to wear swimming suits, transparent attire, half-naked outfits, or be barefoot. Before visiting such establishments, learn the local dress code to avoid embarrassing incidents. It is best to wear pants and a blouse, or a maxi or midi dress.

People come to museums to reflect and avoid distractions. Visitors in inappropriate outfits can ruin their plans, turning it into a unnecessary performance.

What do you think? Should you wear appropriate clothes in such establishments? Or is it your right to decide what you can wear? Share your opinions in the comments.

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