Sarah Ferguson Wore A Flower Crown And Not A Tiara To Her Wedding To Prince Andrew. But Why?


Sarah Ferguson Wore A Flower Crown And Not A Tiara To Her Wedding To Prince Andrew. But Why?

Wearing a tiara has always been associated with nobility, royalty, and state leaders. In the past, there was a strict protocol as to where and how to wear them. And it was the event (not the status) that signaled if tiaras should be worn.


Now, when we hear about tiaras, we probably think about grand royal weddings. Princess Diana, Duchess Catherine, and others – they’ve all worn them on their big day. But in 1986, Sarah Ferguson wore a crown of flowers instead.

Is there any particular reason why?

Without any doubt, the fiery redhead looked stunning in her ivory-silk wedding dress. She completed her look with a bouquet of Asiatic lilies and a flower crown that matched it. The pretty design was used to fix the Duchess’ veil in place.

Most often, royal brides borrow tiaras from the Queen’s collection. So, some may think that the crown of flowers might look like a snub from Elizabeth II. However, perfumed gardenias (which are Prince Andrew’s favorite flowers) had a secret.

Right after the wedding ceremony, the flower crown was removed, and the York Diamond tiara was revealed. Made out of sparkling diamonds, it was a real masterpiece that can easily cost more than $300,000 today!

Besides, the removing of the flower crown also signified Ferguson’s becoming a member of the royal family.

Sadly, Andrew and Sarah divorced in 1996. But they still maintain a strange relationship. Recently, the couple has been attending numerous events together. And it turns out they still live together in Windsor.


The fans of the pair hope there’s still the spark between the two and that Sarah and Andrew’s love will rekindle.

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