Sarah Ferguson Reveals How She Was Able To Get Through The Pain Of Her Divorce From Prince Andrew


Sarah Ferguson Reveals How She Was Able To Get Through The Pain Of Her Divorce From Prince Andrew

Not many people expected Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew’s divorce. 

Need for independence

For Sarah Ferguson, the divorce was the most painful that ever happened to her. However, she had to go through with it because she wanted to work. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, she spoke about how she still loved and admired Prince Andrew.


According to her, it is not right for the princess of the royal house to be engaged in commercial activities and this was the reason why she and Prince Andrew decided to make the divorce official. The couple had been separated since 1992.

Finding herself after the divorce

Though at first, it appears she thought it was going to be quite easy now that she was divorced, things apparently did not go as planned as she started to teeter towards self-destruction.

In a television interview with Dini Petty, a Canadian journalist, Sarah spoke about how she started painting as a hobby. This helped her handle her separation from Prince Andre pretty well.

I started painting when I got separated and sort of went through the pain of what separation was all about, and sort of coming to terms with what I’m about.  And I guess I started to unleash this sort of more creative side inside me, really.

Speaking about her marriage, she talked to Dini about how she was craving love when she met Prince Andrew. Soon after marrying him, he left for the navy and she was only seeing him for 42 days a year. It must have been really lonely, spending all that time in the Buckingham Palace, without the one she loved, and so, she lost her way.


Becoming Sarah Ferguson

The road to becoming Sarah Ferguson was one full of bends, ups, and downs. Today, she has rebuilt her net worth which according to Meaww is a whopping $1 million.


Recently, she has given her time mostly to charity work and also cancer research which she supports.

She has also founded ‘Key to Freedom’, a nonprofit organization which allows Indian Women to sell their products at Topshop, a popular British retailer.

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