Samuel L. Jackson Says Having A Rough Childhood Made Him A Stronger Man


Samuel L. Jackson Says Having A Rough Childhood Made Him A Stronger Man

In his time on television, Samuel L. Jackson has appeared in over 100 movies. From Die Hard with a Vengeance to Coming to America and Marvel franchise films, his tough-talking swag is hard to miss. Nevertheless, his road to stardom was not as smooth as others.

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Jackson had his fair share of addiction problems and had to complete a two-week stint in rehab before shooting Jungle Fever in 1991, a movie that saw him playing the role of a drug addict.

He also fought alcohol abuse, and won. One of his famous quotes on the subject is a constant reminder that despite the temptation, the small victories like counting the days and months since the last drink pay off.

People who’ve been through what I went through are always going to be tempted. I enjoyed drinking and I enjoyed taking drugs. But I have to remind myself every day that I can’t have a drink.

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Growing up was not always fun for Jackson. In a 2015 interview with LIVE with Kelly and Ryan, he recalled his early years when his grandmother, who was a fourth-grade teacher, would take him along to school with her. Jackson was only two years old at the time, but quite smart for a child his age.

Sometimes, after a student failed to answer a question, Jackson said his grandma would ask him to give the answer and usually, he would have the right answer. However, he had to face the angry fourth-graders after class, who felt Jackson was showing off and making them look bad.

Jackson said he didn’t want to get physical, but he had no choice but to fight and defend himself. It turns out, he was pretty good at fighting. Who would have thought.

So I was a good fighter and a smart kid.

His daughter looks just like him!

Jackson turns 69 next month. One thing many of his fans may not know is that he also has a daughter, Zoe Jackson. Zoe is 36 and looks every inch like her superstar father. They could even pass as siblings, Samuel being the much older and wiser sibling, that is.


Jackson is still happily married to LaTanya Richardson, and often appears at events with her and their daughter. He also gives his wife credit for saving him from drug addiction and alcohol abuse.

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