Royal Love Story: Queen Elizabeth And Prince Philip Celebrated 70th Anniversary Of Their Wedding


Royal Love Story: Queen Elizabeth And Prince Philip Celebrated 70th Anniversary Of Their Wedding

In 2017, the British royal family has a very special occasion for celebrating. 70 years ago, on November 20, 1947, then 21-year-old daughter of the King George VI, Elizabeth, became a wife of a young Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten. And after all these years together, the royal couple still fascinates millions of people with the love and respect they show toward each other.

The royal wedding

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Back in 1947, thousands of people gathered in London to join the massive celebration of the royal wedding. It was an impressively beautiful ceremony with hundreds of famous and influential guests from all over the world.

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Just a year after the newlyweds have exchanged their vows, the world greeted their first son – Prince Charles. In the next following years, they had three more children: one daughter – Princess Anna, and two more sons – Princes Andrew and Edward. The last two were born when Elizabeth was already ruling the country.

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70 years together

The most impressive is the fact that Queen Elizabeth II and her consort are the very first royal couple in the history of Great Britain to spend so many years together. To mark the special occasion, the monarchy spouses even had a small photo session in early November. And a few weeks later, on the day of their platinum anniversary, some of the pictures were published on social media.

At one of these pictures, the 91-year-old Queen and her 96-year-old spouse are standing side by side with the smiles on their faces just as wide and happy as all these years back in 1947.

Elegant as always, Queen Elizabeth II had one very special detail about her outfit. The woman was wearing a beautiful yellow gold brooch, encrusted with rubies and diamonds. Prince Philip presented her the brooch more than 50 years ago, in 1966.

Today, this wonderful couple is still a source of inspiration for millions of people worldwide. Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip are one of the best real-life examples of a true devotion, to both their partner and the sacred vows they have given each other all these years ago.

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