Royal Beauty: What Cosmetics Brands Elizabeth II Uses To Look Immaculate


Royal Beauty: What Cosmetics Brands Elizabeth II Uses To Look Immaculate



Queen Elizabeth recently celebrated her 92nd birthday, but she looks younger beyond her years. Since the monarch still works a lot and attends various events, journalists have enough opportunities to picture her from different angles. One of the key elements in her image is impeccable make-up, almost impossible without quality care products. What brands does Her Majesty prefer?


1. Facial and body care – D.R. Harris & Co.

The cosmetics first appeared in pharmacies in the 1790’s. Queen’s choice includes a series of skin care products for face and body, hair, bath, and shower.


Публикация от D. R. Harris & Co. Ltd. (@drharrislondon)

2. Lipstick – Elizabeth Arden

Matte moisturizing lipstick from Elizabeth Arden of a luxurious Bold Red shade costs only 21 pounds. It is another permanent accessory in Her Majesty’s cosmetic bag.


Публикация от Elizabeth Arden (@elizabetharden)


Публикация от Clarins Official (@clarinsofficial)

3. Perfume – Floris London

Floris is a family London brand that has existed since the 1700s. It is claimed to supply perfumes to the Queen for many years and created some fragrances particularly for the monarch’s birthday. Nevertheless, she uses the fragrances of other brands.


Публикация от Floris London (@florislondon)

4. Hand cream – Clarins

In most cases, Elizabeth II appears in public wearing gloves. This accessory doesn’t just complement her elegant image. Given the specifics of the Queen’s occupation, the gloves are also called to serve as a kind of protection in cases where she has to shake hands repeatedly. However, the Queen still takes off her gloves, demonstrating the skin’s beautiful condition considering its age. This effect is achieved by using creams from Clarins.


Публикация от Clarins Official (@clarinsofficial)

Elizabeth II is also reported to approve some of the decorative cosmetics produced by this brand, including compact matting powder.

5. Nail polish – Essie

A neat manicure always adorns the Queen’s fingers. She is known to prefer a neutral light shade from Essie. It provides her nails with only a light halftone, suiting any of Her Majesty’s outfits.


Публикация от Alex (@anc.nails)

Becoming beauty products supplier for the royal family is the dream of every cosmetic brand. It would seem to be easily done, as you might consider it is just enough to replenish their stocks. However, royal family representatives are prohibited from accepting any product as a gift, if this can be used by the producer for advertising purposes. That is why, they buy all the beauty means, clothes, and all the other stuff.

Queen Elizabeth II smiles as she arrives at Tweedbank Station on September 9, 2015' src='

We have no idea what exact brand products and how much of them Elizabeth uses. Probably, most of them belong to the expensive segment, although there may be some budget alternatives among them. Would you like to try something out of the Queen’s cosmetic bag? Share with us in the comments.

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