Rose Hairdo For Stunning Wedding Or Prom Look


Rose Hairdo For Stunning Wedding Or Prom Look

Braiding hair is a most valued hair styling skill. 2018 has brought us a romantic trend – a braided rose. Sounds hard, but looks awesome. Trust us, any hairdresser can cope with it! And you will get all the attention at a prom, a birthday, or a wedding.

This hairdo was Alison Valsamis‘s idea. She is from Fairfield, Connecticut, and shares her masterpieces on Instagram. The girl has 20 thousand followers. And here is the photo which became a real sensation this spring.

In this video, Alison shows how she makes the rose. For better result, get your mother or friend to help you. You may try doing it yourself, but you will need to look in two mirrors, placed in front of each other.

The hairdresser starts with a regular thin braid. She arranges it in a circle as this is the centerpiece of the flower. Then, Alison alternates between “fishtails” and a Dutch braid of small strands. She loosens the braids for volume and lays them in a circle finishing it with a large Dutch braid. This is how she creates the effect of bigger petals on the edges and little ones in the center as in the real flower.

You will need pins, hair gel, and spray. Fix it firmly, especially if you are going to dance.

With this skill, you will be able to pull off two or even three roses. Add tresses for extra splendor.

We hope this inspired you to make a braided rose. How do you like it? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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