Right Seat To Choose On An Airplane To Receive The Best Service


Right Seat To Choose On An Airplane To Receive The Best Service

There are many factors that influence our choice of seat on an airplane. This choice can be made according to our preferences (some people want to sit near the windows, for example), our reservation date and even security considerations.

But according to some cabin crew members, there is another rather important factor that we do not pay enough attention to when choosing our seat: It’s the service we’ll receive.

Of course, if you are traveling in first class or business class, you will always have the best service. But if you prefer to travel in economy class, where you sit could make a big difference.

According to flight attendant Annie Kingston, most passengers choose seats at the front of the plane to have the opportunity to disembark first and to have a better chance of choosing their favorite meal. On the other hand, travelers who sit at the back of the plane receive the most attentive service.

"The reason is simple," said Annie Kingston, "We prefer to avoid answering call signals from the front of the plane, because responding to one of them means displaying everything the passenger asked for to everyone along the way.”

Sometimes, this can be a problem because planes often do not have enough drinks, pillows, earplugs or anything else. So, if you want to have everything you need and enjoy the best service, go for the seats at the back of the plane.

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