Ricky Martin Opens Up About ‘Love At First Sight’ With His Husband Jwan Yosef


Ricky Martin Opens Up About ‘Love At First Sight’ With His Husband Jwan Yosef



Ricky Martin admits he avoided facing up his sexuality for many years before he met his future partner and husband-to-be, Jwan Yosef. This man turned his life ‘upside down’ and taught Martin to love and accept himself as he is.

Perfect match

It took half a year before Ricky Martin asked Jwan Yosef on a date. Before that, the couple was just sending messages, talking about life, their perspectives, and plans for the future. Ricky explained:

I contacted him first, and we talked for six months. We were just sending messages… Nothing sexy, nothing sexual. It’s not that he was sending me sexy pictures and vice versa, I swear.


When after six months, the singer finally asked Yosef to meet on a date, he had no idea this meeting would change his life completely. Ricky recalled the moment when he first saw Jwan:

I said to myself, ‘I am going to marry this guy.’


Apparently, Yosef thought exactly the same thing when he saw the hot singer. The lovebirds announced their engagement in 2016, and two years later, they got married.

In an interview with Attitude magazine, Martin confessed he and Jwan are proud to be a role model gay couple to inspire other gay men around the globe to not hide their sexuality.

We love it! Every time I post a picture of me and my husband on Instagram, that’s my activism. And we’ll keep fighting.

Допис, поширений Ricky (@ricky_martin)

The star added that he suffered a lot when he had to hide his sexuality from other people. At that time, he just couldn’t open the doors to a new relationship, and that hurt him a lot.

I didn’t want people to know me too much.



Today, Ricky is completely satisfied with his life. He has a loving husband and two wonderful kids born via a surrogate. The singer wasted too much time pretending to be somebody else, but now, he is finally happy.

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