Richard Bacon Finally Leaves Hospital After Treatment For Critical Lung Condition


Richard Bacon Finally Leaves Hospital After Treatment For Critical Lung Condition

Early this month, broadcaster and TV show host Richard Bacon began feeling sick while on a flight from the United States to Britain. Doctors discovered the 42-year-old BBC Radio 5 Live presenter was suffering from an acute case of pneumonia.

Eventually, he missed attending the National Health Service’s anniversary and his condition took a turn for the worse. Doctors subjected Bacon was to a medically induced coma while battling to keep him alive.

Thankfully, his condition has greatly improved. Bacon was released from the hospital in Lewisham to which he was committed for several weeks and is not back with his family.

He shared a photo of himself with his children on Instagram with the caption “Cured Bacon” which clears any speculation as to his state of health.

In another post that featured one of the machines used to keep him alive with his hospital bed in the background. Bacon thanked the staff of the Lewisham hospital who were on call throughout the duration of his stay.

I don’t know whether I see this as the bed I nearly died in or the bed that saved my life. Either way. I won’t miss it. But I will miss the 50 staff of Lewisham Hospital who definitely saved my life. Every. Single. One. Of. Them. #VivaTheNHS.

Even his fans are delighted at the great news. And while pneumonia is treatable, many people still die due to lack of medical attention.

Thankfully, Bacon has a different story to tell and thanks to the NHS for and their drive to maintain the quality of healthcare in Britain. Welcome home, Richard Bacon.

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