Rest In Peace: Young Girl Loses Her Life After Tree Collapses On Her Hammock


Rest In Peace: Young Girl Loses Her Life After Tree Collapses On Her Hammock

On Monday, September 24, Sabina Surjit Henderson lost her life in a tragic accident. It took place at 6 p.m. Saturday at a home in the 37800 block of St. Francis Court in Purcellville.

The girl was swinging in a hammock fastened to an old tree when the tree gave way and collapsed on top of her. Henderson was with another child in the hammock when the accident occurred.

Henderson’s family is devastated by the death of their daughter. Her father, Ben Henderson, made a statement, speaking lovingly about her.

Sabina was smart, witty girl who loved to tell jokes and make d spoke lovingly about her. She was a powerful personality that lit up the room and was a memorable force for all those that met heother people laugh," her father, Ben Henderson made a statement anr. She was amazingly kind and thoughtful to her friends and family.

Friends of the family and other people on social media are sharing condolence messages with the bereaved family.

In 2017, a similar situation claimed the life of ballerina Michelle Chalk, 15. She too was in a hammock with a friend when a tree collapsed on them.

Staying safe in hammocks

For most people, the common mistake is attaching hammocks to trees or posts that are not firmly rooted in the ground. In other cases, posts may not be strong enough and tree roots may be weakened by age.

Take extra care when mounting hammocks and if unsure about the strength of a mount point, avoid it.

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