Rebecca Soffer Shares Her Story On How She Found Love After Losing Her Mother


Rebecca Soffer Shares Her Story On How She Found Love After Losing Her Mother

There is a lot to learn from Rebecca Soffer’s story about opening herself to the complexities of grieving.

Sharing the experience of losing the loved ones

Rebecca, who is the CEO and co-founder of Modern Loss, wanted a space where people who had experienced the loss of a loved one could share the uncommon or unexpected stories about their journey through grief.

Modern loss

She launched her website with a bereaved friend, Gabrielle Birkner. This was after the death of her parents. Her mother had died in a car accident, while her father has passed away not long after that.

Their book, Modern Loss: Candid Conversation About Grief. Beginners Welcome, was born from the success of their website project.

The book has already been praised by big names in Hollywood, namely Stephen Colbert and Mindy Kaling. It has also been praised by the New York Times as “redefining mourning.”

Life after loss and finding love

Rebecca began to date her husband, Justin, two months before her mother’s unveiling.

In a piece for Cosmopolitan, the co-author who defines death as the ultimate breakup talks about losing potential partners because she was open about her experience of grief.

She expected him to slowly back away, but he did not.

The way he embraced my sadness was a stark contrast to the men I’d been frantically dating in the months after my mother’s death.

Rebecca points out that her marriage to Justin is not necessarily a walk in the park, but choosing to be with him after he showed up for her mother’s unveiling has proved to be a great decision.

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