Reba Bags A Grammy For Her All-Gospel Album, And Says She Owes It All To God


Reba Bags A Grammy For Her All-Gospel Album, And Says She Owes It All To God



Reba McEntire has been writing, singing, and performing on stage since 1975. Her style of country music has changed a bit over the years from the traditional vibe. But her songs are always touching, and millions of fans around the world continue to play her records. In her entire career, she has released 29 studio albums, 16 of which have charted at number 1.

And now, she is adding another performance laurel to her belt. Reba is the first ever female Colonel Sanders.

Before now, Colonel Sanders was a bearded white male. But Reba is filling his shoes. This video is the start of a huge ad campaign that will see Reba taking the lead.

She made the list of Grammy winners.

Reba took home the award for Best Roots Gospel Album at the Grammys this year.

The award was for her record, Sing It Now: Songs of Faith & Hope. The 22 track album is a gospel compilation.

Reba has strong Christian beginnings. Her grandma would read Bible stories to her and her sister Susie. In addition, Reba has never been comfortable with people having the impression Christians are dull and uninviting people.

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Her music has always been upbeat and continues to gain positive attention even in non-secular circles. This has in no way downplayed her gospel messaging. In essence, Reba is proof that you can still share a message and have the whole world listen.

She owes it all to God.

In her acceptance speech, Reba, now 62, spoke about her inspiration for the album. Reba is a Christian and has never been shy to speak publicly about her faith. She said that God was a big influence not just in her life, but also on her music.

Thanks to everyone for all the love and support of #SingItNow! #Grammys #BestRootsGospelAlbum

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[I was sitting] on the pond dam at grandma’s house singing ‘Oh, How I love Jesus,’ ‘When the Roll is Called Up Yonder,’ and it’s so great to get those songs on an album.

Her music may sound effortless but Reba does put a lot of thinking into it. Speaking with FOX411 at NYC’s Soho House in 2015, she also said that her faith guides her music, and she gets all the guidance she needs from God.

I ask the Lord to give me wisdom when I speak, when I think and I always try to be positive and say nice things and it gives me strength throughout every minute and every day.

Reba also thanked her fans and everyone who contributed to her big win at the Grammys. Finally, Reba still speaking of the award said, "I’m gonna give this back to God."The album also won the GMA Dove Award for Bluegrass/Country/Roots Album of the Year.

Her fans are all excited about the win

Reba is not the only one smiling after the Grammy award. These are just some of the messages she received.

She is also a philanthropist.

When she is not making music, Reba lends her time to philanthropy. She works with the Outnumber Hunger’s campaign to provide food for struggling families and children in America. Bob Hope was a big motivator for this move she says.

We were doing benefits for the widows of veterans and he told me, he said, ‘It’s really important for you to give back. You can receive all day long, but the most important thing for you to do in your life…is to give back.

She began acting in the 1990’s, featuring in Tremors. Reba later went on to star in Reba on the WB network. Congratulations to Reba on your Grammy win. We look forward to more inspirational music.

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