Real Beauty Lies In The Differences: Albino Afro-American Model Shines In A Fashion Campaign


Real Beauty Lies In The Differences: Albino Afro-American Model Shines In A Fashion Campaign



We are influenced by rigid beauty and fashion standards from the moment we are born. We don’t know very well where and when these trends begin, but somehow, consciously or unconsciously, we end up adapting to these standards, as does every human being who wants to be accepted by the society they live in.


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We are talking about the right weight, the fashionable hair, the color of our eyes and skin, the clothes we wear. Everything has to fit into a mold as thought everything in nature were the same, unvarying. In nature, however, everything is different and we, as human beings, are unique.

And beauty lies in the differences. Perhaps the fashion world is finally responding to this natural law. 2017 has been marked by diversity being valued. Several fashion brands are finally accepting that there is much value to be found in the diversity and unique beauty that only our differences can bring about. Proof of this is the success of the albino African-American model Diandra Forrest. She was chosen as the face for a recent Wet n’ Wild campaign. The exotic beauty of the model has drawn attention from around the world.

So excited to announce that I am one of the faces of the new Wet & Wild BREAKING BEAUTY CAMPAIGN. It’s always great to be apart of a brand that celebrates diversity, and prides itself on being inclusive to all! Thank you to the @wetnwildbeauty team and @refinery29 for the article.

Uma publicação compartilhada por Diandra Forrest (@diandraforrest) em

Diandra seems to have entered the fashion world with a mission: Not only has she become successful in her chosen career, but she has also broken the rules created by a rigid standard of beauty that has always existed.

She represents a new beginning; she has opened the doors for other uniquely beautiful models. This is the first time in recorded history that an albino model is the center of a major fashion campaign. Diandra says that her goal is to contribute for the albinism to be seen as normal and beautiful by everyone.

Diandra Forrest was born to Afro-American parents, and she grew up in the Bronx, New York. She has three siblings, and one of them is also albino. In addition to her work as a model, Diandra takes part in several human rights movements sanctioned by the United Nations in favor of the cause.

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