Reaction Of 'Doctor Who' Male Actors To Current Actress Who Plays This Famous Character


Reaction Of 'Doctor Who' Male Actors To Current Actress Who Plays This Famous Character

‘Doctor Who’ is an incredibly famous British science-fiction TV program that is produced since 1963. The plot of is very unusual as it includes the concept of regeneration of who represent the doctors. This idea was firstly introduced back in 1960s, when one of the actors got sick, and there was a necessity to continue the show. All doctors are different, but they still continue the life stage of the same character.

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Recently, the BBC named the 13th doctor, who happened to be a female actress Jodie Whittaker. It has become a real surprise for the whole acting community as there were only male actors before. Jodie is now replacing Peter Capaldi, who was the 12th doctor since 2013. And Matt Smith, who preferred starring in “The Crown”, was in ‘Doctor Who’ before Peter.

It is rather interesting to hear the opinion of male actors regarding the choice of a female actress. For example, Matt Smith stated that Jodie Whittaker is amazing, she is the right choice, and he is truly behind her.

David Tennant, the 10th Doctor, said that he is extremely delighted with this choice. He can’t think of someone better to join the gang.

Christopher Eccleston stated that it is an amazing opportunity for BBC to have some change, and it is hard to find somebody better than Jodie. In fact, they played together in the national theater before.

Male actors are excited about the new actress in the ‘Doctor Who’ and are sure she is going to do a good job in the show.

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