Rapper Snoop Dogg Is Working On Releasing His First Gospel Album


Rapper Snoop Dogg Is Working On Releasing His First Gospel Album

If you know Snoop Dogg, gospel music is certainly one thing you cannot connect with him.  However, that notion may soon see the light of day as it was reported that Snoop would be producing his first gospel, not single, but a full gospel album.

The shocking announcement

Speaking in a radio interview, about the proposed project, he said:

It’s always been on my heart, I just never got around to it ’cause I always be doing gangster business or doin’ this or doin’ that.

What is yet to be confirmed; however, is whether Snoop Dogg will lend his vocal content in addition to creating the beats for the album.


Meanwhile, a post on his Instagram reveals that his mum, who is evidently a Christian, was excited about his decision to go on with the project to which she replied her blessings and encouragement.

Is he embracing the faith?

Snoop Dogg has influenced the hip-hop genre of secular music for decades. Over the course of his career, fame and fortune have been the reward for his brand of music, which contains as much vulgar content and lewd graphic that a sensor meter can take without breaking.


Back in 2012 though, Snoop announced that he was a converted Rastafarian and even delved into reggae music for a spell.

Then in 2016, he posted a video on Instagram of himself singing along to the gospel song, “I’d Rather Have Jesus”, to the delight of his fans.

One might doubt if indeed he is born again or questions his motives, but what is not in doubt is Snoop Dogg’s journey from radical street gangsta’ to a man searching for meaning and purpose.


How should Christians respond?

Of course, the Christian community has received the news with shock and may doubt his intentions, but redemption is not beyond any soul. The blood of Jesus is able to save any man from sin and damnation.

We may not approve of his old habits or obscenities, but like our master Jesus we must show love and gracious hospitality to any sinner that comes into the family of God.


As it relates to his intended gospel album, it is safe to consider that it could be a tool in the hand of God, to reach the unsaved multitudes that makeup Snoop Dogg’s die-hard fans.

Just as we church folk always say, God can use anything. It may well be true in this context.

Silver n gold. @dashradio Cadillac music Sunday gospel mix

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