Purge With No Regret: Small Details That Make Your Interior Look Old And Dull


Purge With No Regret: Small Details That Make Your Interior Look Old And Dull

How often have you happened to spend a lot of time on a renovation, thinking about all the nuances, trying hard, and yet still you weren’t satisfied with the result? As you know, the devil is in the details, and any omission can spoil the final effect.

Today, we want to talk of how little things that you pay hardly any attention to can ruin everything in the design of your flat.

1. Unorganized storage

Mounds of various unnecessary things spoil the whole look of the room. First, think about whether you need all these cups, boxes, china pieces, and trinkets. Maybe you’re just reluctant to part with them? In most cases, the case is the latter, so it’s best to immediately get rid of the dispensable items. If you haven’t used an item in the last 6-12 months, it’s highly unlikely to be useful in the future.

In brief, throw out everything redundant and leave only the things you really need. Now, our task is to arrange all this into containers. Remember, boxes of the same design look much more harmonious!

2. Poor lighting

Poor lighting causes stress. Darkness, especially in winter, is associated with bad times. If you don’t want your interior to look wretched, consider the light in your apartment carefully.

If this is a living room where you are used to reading in the evenings, a simple floor lamp can improve the situation. You can build in ceiling lights or purchase a powerful chandelier in the dining area, where the whole family gathers at mealtimes.

3. Plastic window sills

Plastic window sills are practical and are much easier to replace if necessary. But they have one significant disadvantage: they look cheap and often "dead."

Now there are a lot of options that can replace plastic: wood, natural or artificial stone, composites, etc.

If the above options don’t suit you, plastic can be easily disguised with pillows. It makes a sort of "two-in-one" win: they hide the windowsill and organize a rest area.

4. Faux stucco and wall decor

Cheap imitation stucco made of polyurethane or foam is a definite no-no in your interior. It is better to avoid it altogether. Just think about your living room without this pink and black disgrace. The interior would look much more aesthetically pleasing, wouldn’t it?

If the interior really necessitates the presence of stucco, choose the most natural options of white, beige, or cream colors.

5. Random items around the home

There are a lot of small things in every house. People with small children are particularly familiar with this. Of course, it is difficult to keep constant order with the kids, but you can at least try.

Organize a storage system that kids enjoy. You can collect toys with them, saying that dolls and cars also want to sleep in their own homes. Kids really love different boxes.

6. Fridge magnets

Magnets no longer seem something unique, foreign, and imported. And they certainly aren’t the best way to emphasize the kitchen interior. Not only do the magnets carry hardly any benefit, but they also spoil the overall appearance of the apartment.

If collecting magnets is your passion, you can store them on special magnetic boards. And another good alternative is to bring back more functional souvenirs from trips.

7. Kitchen booth

This outdated design usually spoils the interior. A booth, table, and a pair of chairs – this is what used to be relevant 20 years ago.

Tables and chairs of high-quality materials are much more favorable.

What makes the interior of a home boring and old-fashioned, in your opinion? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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