“Psycho-Geometric” Test: Choose A Pie And Learn Your Character Type


“Psycho-Geometric” Test: Choose A Pie And Learn Your Character Type

Imagine that you enter a bakery to get something yummy. In a showcase you see fresh pies of various shapes. Which one would you choose? It would seem like a routine choice, but it can reveal information you might even want to hide. Ready to learn more about yourself?

Carefully look at the pies and decide which one you would buy based on the shape. Choose the option that you liked first.

Square pie

You are an organized and punctual person; your work is often a priority. You approach all tasks responsibly, even those that are not within your duties. If you assume a responsibility, you really commit to it. You are one of those people who like to keep diaries, follow a clear plan. Your day is always scheduled, even the weekend. With your analytical mind, you easily cope with challenging situations.

Round pie

You are a friendly person and an excellent team player who cares about others, never refusing to help someone in need. Although people value your excellent listening skills, you are also a good speaker. Sometimes you get depressed, but only because you take problems of people around you too close. You need to learn to tune some things out to achieve harmony.

Triangular pie

You are an ambitious person who considers career advancement a must. You have qualities of a leader, that’s why you feel fine in leading positions. But when you are in level conditions with your colleagues, you tend to get highly competitive. You know how to make the right choices and give good advice, for which you are appreciated.

Rectangular pie

Unpredictable personality! Close people may be having tough time, because they don’t know in which mood you woke up this day. One day you can be full of motivation and ideas, and the next one – disappointment and resentment. Instability is your main weakness, but there are ways to fight it. You are an inquisitive person who easily absorbs new information.

Zigzag pie

You are a creative person who always tries to find a creative and interesting approach to life. You have a lot of ideas, which people are thrilled to hear, because in terms of creativity you are simply unmatched! You also have strong charisma that attracts representatives of the opposite sex. Experimenting is something that you can’t do without. And it’s mainly about leisure, not the appearance.

Knowledge about yourself that you discovered through the psycho-geometric test can make you more aware, and also help to establish relationships with other people. After all, when you know the weaker sides of your character, in particular, it is easier to understand where you can and should smooth over the differences in communication with close ones.

The information in this test is based on Psycho-Geometrics by Susan Dellinger. The editorial board doesn’t encourage to fully rely on the results.

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