Protective Hubby? Royal Expert Thinks It Was Harry's Own Idea To Keep Baby Sussex's Birth Private


Protective Hubby? Royal Expert Thinks It Was Harry's Own Idea To Keep Baby Sussex's Birth Private

Fans’ hopes to see the Duke and Duchess of Sussex posing with their newborn on the steps of the Lindo Wing at St. Mary’s Hospital were dashed on Thursday.

The Palace released a statement saying that the couple wants to keep the details surrounding the arrival of their firstborn private, breaking with the long-standing tradition to which Duchess Kate, Princess Diana, and other royal moms stayed true.

There have been speculations that keeping the baby’s birth private is Meghan’s initiative, but one royal expert believes it was actually Harry’s own idea.

Katie Nicholl on Meghan and Harry’s plans

Royal expert and author Katie Nicholl doesn’t think the decision was odd, as Meghan and Harry are known for doing things their own way.

Katie told Fox News:

It doesn’t surprise me their plans are very different from the Duchess of Cambridge or even [Harry’s] mother, Princess Diana.

The couple has been doing things very differently, so it’s to be expected we’re not going to get the same carefully stage-managed pictures of the new threesome outside the hospital.

The expert also thinks that it was Harry who suggested making the baby’s arrival a private family affair and sharing the news with the world later:

Harry is quite a different character than his brother. He is incredibly protective of Meghan. I think he’s going to be even more protective of their first-born. He’s wary of the media. And it’s no secret that he doesn’t like being in the spotlight all the time as a royal.

Prince Harry, a protective husband and future daddy

Prince Harry has always displayed protectiveness towards Meghan, but even more so after she got pregnant.

Body language expert Judi James analyzed pictures from earlier weeks of Meghan’s pregnancy and saw the characteristic behavior of an “alpha papa” in Harry. She told the Daily Mail that the Prince’s poses and gestures revealed that he “took on a role of leader and protector.”

Speaking about Baby Sussex’s arrival, it’s clear that we don’t have to wait long until the happy event, and the new parents will share their joy with the world once they are ready.

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