Principal Joins A Step Team During The High School Performance


Principal Joins A Step Team During The High School Performance

School period is often considered to be one of the most fun and entertaining in life. Besides classes, there are a lot of various activities available for students, which makes their life more diverse and help develop new skills. A lot of teens enjoy attending school sports games, drama performances, etc.

The video that was uploaded by Becky Godwin on Facebook made the Lake Mary High School extremely popular all over the country. More than 3 million people have already watched it, and this number is continually growing. It was captured during the last scheduled pep rally of the football season. On the video below, you can see the school’s step team coming on the stage. In a second, the principal of the school joined the team, and it was a blast!

Becky Godwin / YouTube

Dr. Donna Reynolds, the principal of the Lake Mary High School, has only attended several practices together with the team, but she worked hard to repeat the moves at home, and her final result went beyond all expectations. She moves like a professional athlete! Students were impressed to see her wearing uniform as the rest of the team members.

Dr. Donna Reynolds graduated from the same school in 1986, and her dad was also a principal there. So, she nearly spent the most of her life within this building, and it became like a home for her.

The first time she saw the performance of this step team a couple of months ago. She was fascinated by it and asked if she could get involved. But nobody expected that it would become a reality so soon!

It was one of the biggest surprises the principal could prepare for students.

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