Princess Diana's Sisters: Who Are Lady Sarah McCorquodale And Baroness Jane Fellowes?


Princess Diana's Sisters: Who Are Lady Sarah McCorquodale And Baroness Jane Fellowes?

Even long before Diana became princess, she was connected to the royal family.


She was born in 1961 as Diana Spencer, and received the title “Lady” in 1975 after her father inherited the title of Earl. Some members of the Spencer family served as courtiers to the Crown, which made them become quite close with royals.


The magazine TIME reported that Diana’s father, the wealthy eighth Earl Spencer, is the late Queen Mary’s godson and her brother, Charles, is Queen Elizabeth’s godson.

But what about two women, who influenced Diana when she was growing up – her sisters?

Lady Sarah McCorquodale

Lady Sarah was the eldest of the four Spencer siblings, and it was believed she was the cleverest. She was described by Sarah Bradford, who wrote Diana’s biography, as being “hero-worshipped” by the late princess. She was the one, who introduced Diana to Prince Charles, whom she had briefly dated herself previously. She was reportedly boasting about being a cupid after the announcement of Charles and Diana’s engagement.


Lady Sarah got married to Neil McCorquodale one year before the marriage of her young sister in 1980. The couple has three children and is still together. She remained very close to her nephews, Prince Harry and Prince Charles.

Baroness Jane Fellowes

Diana’s other sister Jane is not as familiar to the public eye, she hasn’t appeared in the media since the princess’ passing. She was the one, who informed the family about the tragic accident.

Bradford describes Jane as “least assertive” of the Spencer children. It’s been said that she became very close to Diana when they reached adulthood. She became a baroness in 1999 when her husband earned a baron title and admitted into the House of Lords.

Lady Jane has a strong connection to the royals, which is expended even more when her daughter, Laura Fellowes, was chosen by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to be a godmother to Princess Charlotte.

Lady Sarah McCorquodale and Baroness Jane Fellowes were in utter shock when they found out about the death of their beloved sister.

Since then, they retreated from the public eye. But it’s very likely that they will be seen on their nephew Prince Harry’s wedding to Meghan Markle.

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