Princess Anne Was A Lover Of Camilla's Ex-Husband, And That Might Be The Reason For Choosing Charles


Princess Anne Was A Lover Of Camilla's Ex-Husband, And That Might Be The Reason For Choosing Charles



The royal triangle between the members of the royal family is revealed. It is claimed that while dating Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, former British Army officer Parker-Bowles cheated on his wife with Elizabeth II’s daughter, Princess Anne.


Adorable Anne

Princess Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise is a unique person. Apart from being the only daughter of Elizabeth II, she is a skillful horse rider who took part in the Olympics. The princess was married twice and brought up two children, Peter and Zara.


Anne is also officially acclaimed to be the most hard-working royal in the family. In 2017, she undertook totally 540 engagements within Great Britain as well as outside the country. It included various charity ceremonies, concerts, ballets, etc.


Love triangle

However, not everything was ideal with Anne’s biography. She has recently been claimed to be a lover of former British Army officer Parker-Bowles while he was dating his future wife Camilla.

There was a lovely story when she was walking through London in the evening and spotted his car parked outside the flat of a very good friend of hers. So she let the tyres down and wrote a message in lipstick on his windscreen.


Moreover, the local royal writer Junor considers that the Duchess of Cornwell would have never started her serious romantic affairs with Prince Charles unless her husband’s cheating had taken place:

Whether or not this is all true, the chemistry between Charles and Camilla was always ideal so they might well have had an affair anyway.


Not the future Queen

Regardless of all the assumptions, there are solid facts that Camilla didn’t marry Charles to get into the royal family for revenge.


The Duchess of Cornwall could have easily taken the title The Princess of Wales, but due to her respect of Diana, Camilla will never become the Queen of the UK.

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Prince Charles will most likely become the King after Elizabeth’s death. However, his wife will only get the title of the Princess Consort due to her choice. We respect Camilla’s decision, and that will definitely increase her popularity among British citizens.


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