Prince William Says Being A Father Has Made Him More Emotional


Prince William Says Being A Father Has Made Him More Emotional



Prince William is the father of three adorable children, but that is beside the point. He is totally amazing with his kids. He knows their favorite books and movies. He revealed that at the Tusk Rhino Trail outside Kensington Palace, where Prince William met Julia Donaldson, the author of children’s book The Gruffalo

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He confessed that the book is a hit in his household, whereas Prince Harry said that his brother’s eldest son, Prince George, totally loves The Lion King animation movie. 

"I would be permanently tired"

The Prince’s love for his children is so evident, even in the way he refers to them at every slightest opportunity. According to People, during a state dinner at the governor general’s residence in New Zealand, he asked the hosts if Prince George has been keeping them up at night. According to him, 8-month-old Prince George is most vocal at 3 a.m. 


Despite William’s immense love for his children, we doubt he’s enthusiastic about having twins. According to the UK Telegraph, he recently joked that if his wife had twins, his mental health was going to be tested. He said this at an awards ceremony before the delivery of the Prince Louis, adding that he’s been trying to get much sleep before the arrival of their baby.

He also implied that having twins may not be as bad as he thought, but with triplets, he would be permanently tired!


William has also spoke to BBC about how being a father has made him more emotional. According to him, he now puts life in perspective and thinks like a father.

William and Kate are hands-on with children

Prince William and his wife have always been very cute with children. According to Pop Sugar, they are always on bended knees everytime they want to speak to them.

This adorable behavior of William and Kate ensures that they come down to the children’s level and interact with them while maintaining eye contact. This behavior shows their children that what they are saying is really important.


They don’t only do this to their own kids, as they are experts in communicating with children from all walks of life.


We are totally in awe at how the William and Kate treat children. And we bet you are, too.

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