Prince William Asked “Wise” Prince Philip For Advice Before Deciding To Split His Household From Harry


Prince William Asked “Wise” Prince Philip For Advice Before Deciding To Split His Household From Harry

It is official – Prince William and Prince Harry are parting ways. The split has started with the news that the Sussex couple is moving out from Kensington Palace and now it has been confirmed that the royal brothers are dividing their households as well.

What does it mean? It means that William and Harry won’t only live in separate places but they will also stop working under the same roof. The decision was hard to make and William needed advice so he turned to the person he trusts the most – his grandpa.

The wise adviser

According to Daily Mail, Prince William called his grandfather, Prince Philip, to get advice on whether he should split household from Prince Harry.

It is believed that the royal needed his grandpa’s wise counseling before making such a big decision. He called the 97-year-old at Sandringham a few weeks before it was officially announced that the royal brothers will be parting ways.

The split was something that couldn’t be avoided. However, it was still a hard decision for William. He wanted to make sure that his younger brother will receive as much support as he needed from Buckingham Palace.

The exact subject of the conversation wasn’t mentioned but it’s clear that something was worrying the future King and there is no one who could dispel doubts better than his beloved grandpa.

It’s known that the two royals have a very close relationship. William has paid tribute to his grandpa in many ways throughout his adulthood.

Philip played a central role in William and Harry’s lives after their mother passed away in 1997. So it’s not surprising that the Queen’s husband was the person William turned to for advice.

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