Prince William And Prince Charles Are Having Harsh Relationship, And The Reason For This Is Princess Diana


Prince William And Prince Charles Are Having Harsh Relationship, And The Reason For This Is Princess Diana

Parenting in the royal family has always been specific, especially when mentioning the relationship between Prince William and his father, Prince Charles. Their attitude towards each other will never be appealing again, as since early ages Diana’s son didn’t approve his father’s behavior.


Childhood grievance

The fairy tale of Princess Diana and Prince Charles soon transformed into a nightmare. In 1986, she found out that her husband betrayed her with his former girlfriend, Camilla Parker-Bowles.


The news was quickly unveiled to the public, with the consecutive divorce of the couple. The hardest thing for Diana was not the split itself, but to inform her son, Prince William, why she doesn’t love his father anymore.




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Her quote about the cheating was soft, precise, and teaching, so that it is now mentioned when talking about the pursuit for the true love:

If you find someone you love in life, you must hang onto it and look after it. And if you are lucky enough to find someone who loves you, then you must protect it.


Less than a year after that, Prince William lost his beloved mother in the infamous car accident.

Reasons for bad relationships

Prince William’s relationship with his father didn’t become better, though. Instead – everything that made Charles happy irritated William. His father didn’t stop communicating with Camilla, and soon, in 2005, the couple tied the knot to become another royal family.



Prince William still can’t forgive the father’s betrayal.


Charles also doesn’t want to make the relationship of the two better. According to royal author Tom Bower, the future king was left disappointed when recently Canadian authorities called off his tour around the country so that his son William and his daughter-in-law Kate could visit instead:

Once Kate married William, Charles grew worried that the public’s attention was switching to them.



Unfortunately, that is not how you plan to build your relations with the father, especially when you mistreat your daughter-in-law’s mother.


The incident happened quite soon, before scandalous author Tom Bower published a Prince Charles’ biography book. There, the Prince of Wales is claimed to organize the ignorant behavior towards Kate’s mother on social events over fears he would be isolated from his grandchildren. That made Prince William furious and worsened their relationship even more.

Next king

These two are claimed to be the closest successors to the throne. Actually, Prince Charles must be the next British king, but according to the sources, Elizabeth II supposed to skip him to make Prince William and Princess Kate the next king and queen. However, according to the British law, she doesn’t have the power to do that, so regardless of the circumstances, Prince Charles will be the next official ruler of the UK.



It is a pity that the father and the son are having such bad relationship. Perhaps, that is all because of Charles’ behavior towards Diana. The prince betrayed her, and that influenced William’s attitude towards him greatly.

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